Ben's Garden

Tropical Pink Flower Decoupage Glass Tray


This stunning tropical pink flower decoupage glass tray is expertly crafted for maximum durability and wearability. It boasts an eye-catching vibrant design with long lasting color and in eye-catching sparking glass. Perfect for serving or displaying items with its strong and practical construction.

In the French tradition of Decoupage, this bent-glass tray was handcrafted in our New York Studio. This illustration reflects Ben's unique aesthetic for the charming and unusual. Each is individually signed by Ben.

Both practical and charming, Ben's signature glass decoupage is food safe, wipe clean and the back side is felted. Also suitable for hanging with a plate hanger and attractive standing on a gallery easel. A folded card explaining the time honored decoupage process accompanies each piece.

  • Easel Link to stand trays.

    Style #: DPQ-343
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