Meet Your Friend Ben.

It all started back in 1992, when Ben Busko was just 8 years old, selling decoupage inspired by his garden. Armed with a paint brush, Ben developed his design sensibility and technique piece by piece; using imagery, a colorful palette and words in entirely new ways; and Ben's Garden was born.

Ben’s charming designs are individually handcrafted using traditional artisan techniques honored for centuries, all made in New York City.

His ever-expanding Collection which has transformed into an entire lifestyle Collection celebrating the life's everyday moments and milestone memories reflecting the personality and individuality which makes each of us treasure each other. Our range includes, copper coasters, cocktail, magnets, French crystal paperweights, photo frames, framed artwork, greeting cards, journals, notepads, stationery, personalized decoupage and his celebrated decoupage glass trays and platters.

A True Story: When Ben first met Martha Stewart she asked "when did you start your business, young man?" As Ben, Ben's mom, his brother and Jessica Seinfeld were ferociously crunching on their granola and acai berry bowls (this was 12 years ago). Ben replied, "when I was 8." Her response was point blank- "what can you do when you are eight?" so he replied, well when you're curious, and don't like playing in sand, you actually have a lot of time." She was stunned and a good friend was made.

What began as Ben's passion for sharing his colorful and thoughtful world transformed into opportunities for his customers. To share a bit about themselves, surround themselves with things they love, share a bit of wit and an appreciation for fashion. It all wonderfully results in turning a house into a home! 

Noteworthy Press, Should Be.

More work that you'd believe goes into creating content from our entire Team for every article, feature, tv show, social media post, video, collaboration, in-store event, which we're fortunate to be a part of. Why? Ben believes details count more than ever. InStyle, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Architectural Digest and even Lady Gaga have praised Ben, his designs and his immediately identifiable design aesthetic. He believes that best is always better than good and customers should stop settling for acceptable and start expecting the best, again. In quality, service, display, presentation, experience and in life. He's on a mission to changing shopping into an experience, that's fun and full of discovery and inspiration.

Our Environmental Initiative and Responsibility

Inspired initially and boldly, by the journey of his brother Jonathan while at college in Maine, and by our responsibility to climate change and a nudge by Greta Thunberg; we have reimagined how we think about how we construct everything and transitioned to FSC-certified paper stock, printing presses powered by wind power, clear bags which dissolve in water (which are made from corn), packing peanuts made from cornstarch- and this is just to name a few. We share one planet, forever. It is our duty and true responsibility to take care of it for our children and their children.

Business & Brand Opportunity

Ben is known for never sitting still and as a Company we are ever evolving and growing. For business proposals, learning about opening your own Ben's Garden, distribution opportunities, International expansion and brand licensing inquiries, please kindly direct your contact to our Business Office at