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Welcome. Let's get to know one another.We are committed to partnering with the most exclusive Stockists across the USA and around the world. If you're interested in stocking Ben's Garden and Ben's Papers, please email us at to begin the wholesale application process. You may also ring us and speak with one of our Wholesale Team Specialists at 888-922-7646 to inquire about opportunities. Only existing wholesale accounts are granted access to shop online. 

Want to reach someone right this second? Email us, right now.

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What can we say? Ben's Garden looks good. Enjoy the gallery below for some of our featured coverage, as well as to shop the highlighted items. 

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Ben's Garden looks forward to working with our Media, blog and social content partners. We're all connected after all, and have content prepared for you to make working with us a snap! We have white, silhouette- high-res images for all of our products. If you are interested in featuring Ben's Garden or our founder and lead designer Ben Busko, please contact our Jenna Lyons, our Media and Press Liaison at

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With years of experience designing for hotels, resorts, and spas around the world, we understand the complexities of the hospitality industry and the importance of delivering high design in a timely fashion with unparalleled results, project after project. Working directly with the Ben's Garden Hospitality Team, means you’ll receive competitive project-based discounts as well as dedicated project management. Contact is for a sampling of renowned hospitality projects we are happy to have been a part of. How we work: Whether outfitting a guest room, public spa, restaurant, spa, commercial offices, or multi-residential spaces, Ben's Garden Hospitality has a seasoned team with years of industry experience looking to deliver unparalleled results project after project. In working directly with the Ben's Garden Hospitality division, you will enjoy competitive project-based discounts, a dedicated project management partner and flexible project fulfillment options. You can enjoy competitive project-based discounts, a dedicated project management partner and flexible project fulfillment options.

To apply for a hospitality account, please complete our online application. Once your application has been submitted you will receive an email indicating your application is being reviewed. We will be happy to assist with pricing by phone or email. All formal quotes require an account. To learn more about Ben's Garden Hospitality, discuss your large-scale project needs, or request a quote, contact us: 888-922-7646 or email

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For interior designer and decorator orders, apply for our Interior Design Program online, in one of our exclusive boutiques or call us at 888-922-7646 for more information. This is extended exclusively to designer clients shopping in Ben's Garden boutiques across the globe. For the Professional Courtesy Application, click here to view.


At Ben's Garden, our priority is to attract, retain, and develop top talent. To this end, we maintain a set of core values to anchor us in our work as we strive to be tenacious, decisive, passionate, creative, collaborative, kind, and innovative.  Our success comes from our dynamic community and the creative atmosphere been has taken the great care to nurture over the years. Brought together by our internal optimism and a desire for lives of humble luxury. We encourage you to join our company for one of our rewarding positions with tremendous growth opportunity. 
We are a thriving team relentlessly committed to the pursuit of our “It's A Wonderful Day" mission, and the design and manufacturing of superior quality goods. We pride ourselves on our hands-on knowledge of our product, and bestow our customers with unprecedented support. Our working environment is fast paced, supportive, and forward thinking, and a key trait in all team members is the desire for inspired, hard and dedicated work. Become part of this growing team, and dedicate yourself to a life of quality products, stories, and experiences. If you don't see your dream job never fear: reach out to us directly — we'd love to talk. For an application, click here to view.

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Ben is known for never sitting still and as a Company we are ever evolving and growing. For business proposals, learning about opening your own Ben's Garden, distribution opportunities, International expansion and brand licensing inquiries, please kindly direct your contact to our main Business Office at



Inspired initially and boldly, by the journey of his brother Jonathan while at college in Maine, and by our responsibility to climate change and Greta Thunberg; we have reimagined how we think about how we construct everything and transitioned to FSC-certified paper stock, printing presses powered by wind power, clear bags which dissolve in water (which are made from corn), packing peanuts made from cornstarch- and this is just to name a few. We share one planet, forever. It is our duty and true responsibility to take care of it for our children and their children.