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Premium Gallery Polished Brass Plate Hanger


Protect your round, oval, rectangle or square plates & trays by using our premium gallery polished brass plate hangers.

With flexible, premium brass wire they easily conform to the desired size and the vinyl tips and sleeves prevent scratching and allow plates to hang flat on the wall.

Plate Hanger Finder:

  • Premium Gallery Brass 3"-5" Plate hanger, fits all 3"x 5," 3.5"x 12," 4"x 6" glass decoupage trays
  • Premium Gallery Brass 5.5"- 7" Plate hanger, fits all 5"x 8," 6"x 6," 6"x 9,"åÊ6"x 10," glass decoupage trays
  • Premium Gallery Brass 7.5"-9.5" Plate hanger, fits all 8"x 8," 8"x 12," 9"x 14," glass decoupage trays
  • Premium Gallery Brass 10"-14" Plate hanger, fits all 10"x 10," 12"x 20," 14"x 14," glass decoupage trays

  • Details

  • Easy-fit guarantee
  • Made of brass
  • Resistant to tarnishing or rust
  • Hook included for 1-2-3 hanging
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Style#: 23-HANGER
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