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Min. Case Pack // Make A Wish Happy Birthday Greeting Card, Single Folded Card


Greeting card features a design that includes shimmering silver foil and a black & cream striped envelope lining. Available as a blank single card.

Letter-pressed silver sparkling is powered with wind power, a lined envelope, FSC certified paper (protecting our forests) and a clear bag- that looks like cellophane but is actually made from corn that dissolves in water in three days. All made in a State called New York.

Celebrate years of friendship or a shared sense of humor by picking out a card with the right text or imagery to make them do more than smile. A humorous birthday card makes anyone’s day that much better without the calories of an extra piece of cake. Reference an inside joke or develop a new one by picking out the most LOL-inducing card you can find, no matter how long it takes you to look. The image out front may say it all, or maybe it’s what you write inside that kills. Either way, give the birthday boy or girl something to laugh about long after their birthday is over.

Style#: A2-02-2251

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