Ben's Garden

Min. Case Pack of 6 // Life Should Not Only Be Lived, Artisan Scented 10.5 oz. Signature Candle


We exist for joy. The kind that is easy to recognize yet hard to explain.

That thrill that arrives when you say yes to the experiences that you've been waiting for all all along. On are the meaningful moments and reasons to celebrate the every day in your life with this invigorating and fresh candle. Notes of fresh bergamot, Sicilian lemon blossoms and rich Cyprus make this undeniably irresistible.

Artisanal perfume grade fragrances containing essential oils to deliver an authentic and a true scent for 70 hours. A painstakingly designed 10.5 oz. candle to fully and evenly scent any room. Hand-poured in the CA, delivered in a smart stripped frosted glass vessel with a lead free wick.   

A carefully crafted soy bend wax provide a generous clean and refined experience. Designed in New York City, hand-poured in California. 


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