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True Barbados Sea Fan Specimens


A reason Ben’s Garden artwork hangs with such pride. Here, our extraordinary true Barbados Sea Fan specimens are floating on natural linen 21.5”x 18.5,” crafted with acid-free, museum quality framing materials.

As part of the natural lifecycle, washed ashore the island of Barbados, their unique fan-like shape is characteristic of the water currents around the island of Barbados. The sea fans of Anguilla, Tortola and Grand Cayman Island are equally unique due to the surrounding coral reefs and seabed composition. Each sea fan is unique and hand-stitched on raw linen. As an art piece, the exquisite condition, intricate details of a seashell growing on it and its excellent condition creates a true collector’s specimen and conversation piece.

Don’t be fooled by molded copies and prevent the theft of sea fans being cut from the ocean floor by mass retailers. It’s has the potential effect of destroying our ocean reefs.

(Shipping times may be extended due to availability).

Style #: FA-2118-12339

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