It all started back in 1992, when Ben Busko was just 8 years old, selling decoupage inspired by his garden. Armed with a paint brush, Ben developed his sensibility of style and his technique piece by piece, using imagery, colorful palettes and words in entirely new ways; and so Ben's Garden was born.
Today, you can discover his refreshing and captivating Collection of unique home, garden, gift & charm in our celebrated Ben's Garden shops in New York, more than 4000 high-end boutiques across the United States and internationally, in every time zone and on every continent. Whether in San Francisco, Sao Paulo or Shanghai, you'll be certain to find a warm smile, attention to detail and an attentive, exceptional Ben's Garden experience.

Ben's Garden SoHo:

42 Grand Street, New York, New York City 10013 (at the corner with West Broadway) - Ring (888) 922-7646 or email This street number in the SoHo historic district on Grand Street & West Broadway in New York- has a charm all its own! In the heart of SoHo and the intersection with West Broadway.

Ben's Garden Oyster Bay:

(Currently relocating): Ben’s first store, was nestled in the rolling hills and steps from the harbor of Oyster Bay, on the North Shore of Long Island's fabled Gold Coast.

It houses our artist Studio where pieces of the Collection are developed and features a private, outdoor courtyard garden showcasing aged, mossed terracotta planters and European pottery, English wire topiary, rare, specimen plants & antique garden ornaments and fountains; viewing exclusively during high season.

Ben's Garden Huntington:

(Currently relocating): Was ust seconds south of the intersection with Main Street, Ben's Garden Huntington is right in the heart of Huntington Village, this one-of-a-kind store is just shy of 4000 sq. ft. is a marvel. In addition to our signature Collection, Huntington showcases one-of-a-kind upholstered furniture, a curated gallery of artwork, a library of must-have books and an old-fashioned, English-style indoor conservatory room celebrating indoor gardening and terraria. Ben also planted a 4,100 sq. ft. living green wall on the rear facade, the first green wall on Long Island.

Ben's Garden Whitehall:

(By appointment). The Ben’s Garden Whitehall studio is a 14,000-square-foot light-filled space in Brooklyn's Industry City overlooking the Statue of Liberty, and what will be NYC's largest green space riverfront park. Recently redeveloped 100-acres, is literally city within a city.

Ben Busko discovered Industry City, just as Jamestown, L.P. (lead by Michael Phillips, the main mastermind behind NYC's Chelsea Market) began repurposing the buildings for creatives and an artist’s guild, to become a premier manufacturing and creative innovation hub. Busko and his talented team of artisans execute his many designs. At neatly organized workstations stocked with craft supplies, they assemble his celebrated decoupage glass trays, photo frames and paperweights, among other products. All Ben's Garden  and Ben’s Papers well-known goods are manufactured in the Ben’s Garden Brooklyn Whitehall studio, by hand.

Near You:

You can discover his refreshing and captivating Collection of unique home, garden, gift and charm in Ben's Garden Retail Boutiques in New York and presented in over 4000 select, extraordinary independent, luxury home & gift boutiques, across the globe. 

Business & Brand Opportunity:

Ben is known for never sitting still and as a Company we are ever evolving and growing. For business proposals, learning about opening your own Ben's Garden, distribution opportunities, International expansion and brand licensing inquiries, please kindly direct your contact to our main Business Office at